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The text and illustrations highlight scenery of Sausalito including sailboats, rowing on
the bay, houseboats, water birds, harbor seals, and bicyclists—as Sausalito is a major
bicycling area.

The book also portrays a woman as a strong role model for being physically active and
brave. Gaby’s aunt, Maggie, teaches her to sail and row. When Gaby’s cat, Bella, falls
in the bay, Maggie swims to rescue the cat.

Gaby, at one point in the story wears a shirt that says, Future U.S. President. The idea
being that we should encourage children early to believe that they can accomplish big

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Gaby Sets Sail, A Sausalito Adventure  


Gaby Sets Sail, A Sausalito Adventure tells the
story of a girl’s adventures in Sausalito, California.

During a week-long visit with her aunt, Gaby—an
aspiring young photo journalist, learns to sail, lives
on a houseboat, flies in a water airplane, rows on
the bay, spends a day biking and takes many
pictures of her flamboyant sidekick—her cat Bella—
who loves costumes and never wears the same
outfit twice.